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Category: Radio


‘On-Demand’ Audio

An interesting item in The Morning Mouth proves once again why people looking to expand their brand, sell their product, or increase their media presence should not overlook radio: Brad Kelly, managing Direction of Nielsen Audio says... Despite conventional wisdom, radio listening did not dissolve

Increasing Influence of Talk Radio and Podcasts

This week we're getting new evidence of the power of talk radio and podcasts.  According to The Morning Mouth, the share of time listening to spoken-word audio in the U.S. has increased 30% in the past six years, and 8% in the last year, with

Significance of Earned Media

The most common question that I get when talking to someone who's debating whether to hire me to help them get media coverage (earned media as opposed to advertising) is, "What will this get me? Can you promise that it will make the cash register

Power of Talk Radio

One of the challenges I face with clients is convincing them of the power of talk radio. As the New York Times noted this week, talk radio still somehow manages to fly below the national media radar. In large part, that is because media consumption