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‘On-Demand’ Audio

‘On-Demand’ Audio

An interesting item in The Morning Mouth proves once again why people looking to expand their brand, sell their product, or increase their media presence should not overlook radio:

Brad Kelly, managing Direction of Nielsen Audio says… Despite conventional wisdom, radio listening did not dissolve when commuting patterns changed. Some of that drive-time listening migrated into the home. People have started using radio/audio in new ways. Appetites are changing and media companies are evolving to meet those changing needs. Digital assistants like Alexa and Google Dotare becoming the new kitchen countertop radio. Streaming and podcasting are supplementing traditional radio with ‘on-demand’ audio. Audio usage continues to evolve and morph in new ways. COVID-19 didn’t change that—it just accelerated it.”  

The data is also telling us another important story in parallel. There are different groups of American consumers who have been mobile throughout. Out and about, on the go, pandemic be damned. For these people, radio is more than a distraction—it’s a lifeline.  

Kelly adds, “We initially dubbed them the ‘Ready-to-Go’ consumer group because Nielsen studies show they are fully ready to engage now, ready to make major purchases sooner, and typically have a more optimistic view on the future. What we learned, however, is that (generally speaking), this is not an active choice on their part. More often than not, it is imperative. Because you see, these highly mobile people are the essential workers. The ones we rely on to keep the lights on, the water flowing, and the shelves stocked. These are the store clerks and the ambulance drivers. The nurses and the delivery staff. The plumbers, electricians, construction workers, and gas station attendants. For these folks, the people we now rely on most, THEY rely on radio. No kidding.”